Royal Amstaff Angel of Hope
Ataxia - CLEAR
Euro Dog Show Baby Winner 2010, Baby BOB, Euro Dog show Baby R.BIS
Euro Dog Amstaff Special / Baby Winner & Baby BOB

Ahnentafel / Pedigree

Ch.Builder's Best Heavenly Raider
Long Step

Int.Ch.White Head Long Step

Ch.Mlader's Mad Max

Ch.Mlader's Jolly Jocker

Ch.Sindy of Yellow Fire

Ch.Backwood's Fly

Ch.Backwood's Sundance Kid
Ch.Sierra's Silver Charm

Ko Bo's Europa

Ch.Quest Zak

Int.Ch.Sindelar's Shane
Ach's Red Sonia

Popstaff Killing Me Softly

Ch.Backwood's Sergeant Pepper
Ch.Jule of Tower

Angie Long Step

Flamewood's King of Dragon

Ch.Darling Imperia Staff

Ch.Finwar's Whiskey Jack
Woodforest Phantasy Illusion

Ch.Flamewood's Indian Flame

Cynosure's GTO
Ch.Woodforest EZ Dragons Flame

Magdalena v. Zlatni Lav

Ch.Daf Long Step

The B-52 's Clay
Ch.Backwood's Fly

Ch.Bony Long Step

Dike Long Step
Anja Long Step

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