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About Us

The love to dogs was already laid to me with in the cradle. Everything gave what it on the subject Dog, my interest on itself moved. I liked other races also very much, However, my big love always belonged completely to the Amstaff.
I leave everything in dog books and magazines what gave to read it about this race and this has remained till this day thus. Unfortunately, my parents for time reasons were against it this a dog in the house comes. Hence, it lasted 22 years to finally my dream came true and my lifelong companion and I our first Amstaff female agreed.

With Beggy a long preserved dream went for us to fulfilment you is a small black white Amstaff female and was as you with us entered 2.5 years old.
Short time later we got to know on an exhibit an Italian breeder, in runs of the conversation turned out which He has to sell just to puppies. Our Interresse was woken up and the next day we have gone to Him to have a look at the puppies.
And there It was a "BOMBER" love was at first sight, this small red white energy bundle had conquered immediately our heart. No question we namen Him immediately with, since passes our small family of our Amstaff female Beggy, to our Amstaff male Bomber and of course to our tomcat Mucky.
And best is cuddled with us in the herd, is cuddled, played and slept. We hope we to you with this web page a small impression of ourselves can mediate!
Call in on occasion sometimes here, there is something new over and over again to
discover a lot of fun on our Hompage.

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